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In this second call for proposals, Infect-ERA aims to fund transnational and translational research, bringing together basic, applied, technology-driven and clinical research approaches of a broad variety of research topics regarding human infectious diseases. The call will enable multinational, collaborative research projects addressing specific topics of human infectious diseases caused by bacteria, virus, fungi or protozoa.

Transnational research consortia are invited to submit proposals related with at least one of the following themes, which are equal in relevance for this call:

A. Assess the role of commensal flora in homeostasis and microbe’s pathogenicity, and elucidate how commensal organisms or probiotics can be used to prevent or treat infections.

B. Development and application of new techniques to investigate the initial steps of the infection process.

To address these themes, the proposals should integrate one of the following approaches:

(i) Application of novel approaches and technologies such as metagenomics, transcriptomics, and metabolomics.

(ii) Integration of new approaches to understand the effect of the pathogen upon infection and to develop biomarkers, preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic tools.

Proposals focused on HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B/C, malaria and tuberculosis are not in the scope of the call.

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